Preventing and managing conflict and psychosocial risk factors

Companies are obliged to protect their employees’ physical and mental health and to take steps to prevent and manage conflict and psychosocial risk factors (as stipulated in articles 328 CO, 6 LTr et 2 al. 1 OLT 3, SECO directives and the Federal Tribunal Judgments from 9 May 2012 and 21 December 2017).

We help you to comply with legal requirements by updating your preventive procedure. We provide external trusted person, mediators and coaches as well as training and awareness schemes promoting key methods for preventing and managing conflict and psychosocial risk.

+ External trusted person

We offer the services of an on-site external trusted person.

The impartial trusted person ensures that employees are heard and supported when needed in cases of conflict, mobbing, sexual harassment, and attacks on personal integrity, in absolute confidentiality. By carrying out interviews, trusted person helps employees find the appropriate solutions and necessary resources in order to improve their situation. Where necessary, the trusted person makes referrals to other services and professionals.

The role of a trusted person is to ease tensions and address any difficulties, thus reducing the human and financial costs likely to result from such conflict.

We also provide management and/or HR with annual status updates on the general social climate in the company (collective issues).

Our approach is founded on finding and implementing pragmatic solutions.

+ Training and awareness

We offer training and awareness modules on conflict, attacks on personal integrity, sexual harassment, mobbing and discrimination, in order to reinforce your preventive procedures for conflict and psychosocial risk.

We also develop training/awareness modules on other HR subjects (stress management, burnout, exhaustion) depending on the specific needs of the company.

During these training modules, we treat the main theoretical concepts through practical examples and suggest tools for dealing with issues that are adapted to the company’s situation. Furthermore, all our workshops are built on interactive models.

+ Mediation

When a case requires mediation, we act as mediators in conflict situations between employees (intra-company mediation). Mediation can take place at the request of the involved parties, the employer and can also be suggested by the trusted person.

Mediation is a space for mutual listening and exchanging points of view. In our position as neutral, impartial, independent mediators, and with absolute respect for confidentiality, we encourage dialogue and help to search for a creative solution engineered by and for the involved parties themselves. Mediation also contributes to lowering the human and financial costs of conflict, as well as being a more rapid means of resolution.

While the process relies on a three-way partnership, the content of all interviews is treated in absolute confidence.

We apply our legal expertise to updating your conflict and psychosocial risk factor prevention procedures.

We write and adapt existing rules and directives relating to protecting personal integrity (including general rules and principles, rights and resources available to employees, and sanctions for non-compliant behavior).

The legal advice we offer is pragmatic and solution-oriented.